Sunday, December 30, 2012

Special gift to mother

a man wanted to give his mother a very special mother's day gift. she loved opera and he found a very special bird for her that could sing her favorite operas in four different languages. He paid $ 6000. for it and had it special delivered to his mom. He called her to ask her about the gift and she told him she loved it. She went on to say " it was delicious !

Beethovem decomposing

A tourist is sightseeing in a European city. She comes upon the tomb of Beethoven, and begins reading the commerative plaque, only to be distracted by a low scratching noise, as if something was rubbing against a piece of paper.

She collars a passing native and asks what the scratching sound is.

The local person replies, "Oh, that is Beethoven. He's decomposing."